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Welcome Katy Libreri to Team Divine, read about Katy here....

Welcome Katy Libreri to Team Divine, read about Katy here....

I feel so privileged to be asked to join the Divine team, I’ve known Carrie for a while through social media. We have the same ethics and our horses happiness is paramount.

I work a normal full time job, up at 5am to do the 3 horses and ride before work, commute 3 hours daily, compete and still manage to make the ponies look glam (I tend to have hay in my hair).

I never had my own horse growing up, I saved up with my husband to buy our first house and kept a little aside for my first real team mate, my lion hearted Finnegan.

I couldn’t afford a ready made horse and I wanted a project - I had spent many years helping people with their horses, that I wanted something that was my own at the end.

Lots of blood sweat & tears went into Finn, he was exciting and terrifying at the same time but we always had so much fun!

We were competing regularly BSJA, BD and unaff Eventing, anything we could get our hooves into! We were doing well for ourselves, until I discovered Finn had ulcers in 2015, he spent 9 months out of action 😢

And so, along came the impulse buy Willow a semi-backed youngster - somehow by luck or magic I’ve produced this beautiful girl who is out competing at BD; getting areas qualifying scores in 2 outings. Willow is also proving very promising with jumping. I’m very excited about our future! 💕

More tears with Finn since, as he now has sacroiliac issues and so sadly, he will never get back to where he was. But that’s ok, Finn has a home for life whilst I secretly plot how to get a 4th in without the husband knowing!

Finally my 12’2 pocket rocket Tiny Timmy, who is ridden by my nieces. I get them to as many shows as possible, I absolutely love watching them grow together!

My favourite brands are Eskadron, Stubben and Pikeur, which is great as Divine stocks them all plus much more - so I can shop whilst on the train to work saving valuable

Thank you for reading Katy x

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