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HKM cavallino marino Parka -Piemont- Tried & Tested Blog

HKM cavallino marino Parka -Piemont- Tried & Tested Blog

A little while back HKM came in to see us, we have always been retailers for HKM.

I (Carrie) have always been an advocate of HKM clothing & I have jackets, fleeces & breeches all of which are at least 10 years+ old & still going strong! So I was intrested to see there develpments.

So I was very surprised to be sent a full outfit for me & one of my horses. The outfit is from the Cavallino Marino collection. \to do the garments justice I wanted to break down each garment so I could truly review each item. We always test everything we sell & if it does make the grade we don't stock or sell it.

So for my first blog we will start with the gorgeous Cavillino Marino Piemont Parka I was sent this jacket in Deep grey. Seriously I couldn't believe my luck as Grey is my favourite colour.

But first off what struck me with this mid length Parka was its softness, to touch it feels as soft as silk. This lead me to that thought of "god this wont last 5 seconds", the second thing that struck me was its shear beauty the fabric is shinny giving it that edge. The next was the fit, well I expected it to come up small, but to my utter surprise it came up big, so big I can fit easily a gilet & fleece plus a baselayer!

Its always nice feeling when you get an item of clothing in your usual size & find its big! So thumbs up HKM!

Anyway back to the jacket, its got some fab Features, Breathable and windproof, Dirt resistant, Highly insulated, Durable and hardwearing, Synthetic fur trim on the removable hood, 2 outer pockets, Built in back slit, Inner pocket, Elasticated waist band, Covered 2 way riding zip, Machine washable & suitable for tumble dryer.

So back to my thoughts, honestly i love it! its also light which is very different for a Jacket of this length but it makes riding in it really nice.

I didn't think this coat would stand up to me I may look clean in these pictures but I can assure you with 5 horses, I'm one of those people who wrecks jackets. I literally have to have loads as like most horse folk I'm out in all weather normally caked in Mud, horse flob, hay & sloppy feeds not to mention a nice light dusting of powdered supplement on top so it has to do a job as well as look nice this jacket I feel ticks these boxes very well. I've worn it out to appointments & whilst riding so I think I've tested it really quite well & its lived up to the test. Its now in my favourites pile, you know the one you literally wear to death, ooops did I say that!

The only down side is its not waterproof, which can be a pain especially for those of us who don't have horses in barns & indoor schools. But thankfully the weather can be kind & when its not torrential rain this coat is awesome. Its also a pretty awesome price too. The nice thing is it's washable & tends to not let anything stick to it.

£110.95 I think you will agree its a good price for a good jacket to order email or phone us or PM us on Facebook. 

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