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Euro-star Athletics riding tights - tested by Alex Whisken

Euro-star Athletics riding tights - tested by Alex Whisken

Euro-Star Athletics Full Grip riding tights

So riding tights, best invention ever or what! I love them so comfy, don’t have to worry about zips and poppers digging in, which is great for someone like me who is past the age of the washboard flat stomach (sad but, true).

Due to all of the above, as soon as I saw Eurostar had released their own version I was really excited as their products are great quality and they have a great tendency to use innovative materials and technology which is always a good thing. :-)

So as usual, super-fast delivery from Divine Equestrian and at home I find a happy parcel with these inside (maybe some other bits too ….. cough). So out of the packet they come, they feel super sleek and slippy but, I am thinking that’s a good thing for when wiggling into them.

Once on they feel lovely, fit well and unlike other brands the waist band is slim and actually it is much more comfortable which actually surprised me. So the next test is to ride in them, happily I had a lesson booked the next day so out for a test drive they go.

Firstly my trainer commented immediately asking me about them as she said they look lovely on and super flattering, this makes me happy lol, score 1.

They are great to ride in, plenty of give but, still hold you in the right places. The vents definitely make a difference but, I am thinking I will appreciate this a little more when it is actually warm, although I did not feel cold in them considering how thin they are, score 2.

The silicon does what is says on the tin and I am big fan of silicon seat as it has so much more give than suede and yet still gives the added grip which is great for dressage. They are sticky without gluing you to the saddle which is perfect, score 3.

I only had one complaint about them and I have noticed that Euro-Star are not the only ones doing this now but, the pocket at the back is just a bit odd? You can fit a phone in there but, god forbid you need it in an emergency and it sits quite low down so I would worry I was going to crush it. When empty I could feel the zip in the small of my back which was a definite irritation, so had to hoik my pants up to cover it lol. :-(

Overall, I would recommend these for anyone that likes the new riding tight trend as I do, as at the end of the day they are comfortable, trendy and practical. They are a little pricier than competing riding tight brands currently out there but, you can easily see why when you get them as the material is something else and the quality is fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing how they hold up as some of the other brands I wear have not worn so well, I doubt I need to worry about this at all knowing Euro-Star mind.

Alex with her lovely horse Alf in her Euro-star Althletics riding tights.

Happy shopping Divinettes. :-)

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