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Stübben Virginia Dressage saddle review Part one

Stübben Virginia Dressage saddle review Part one


Stübben Virginia Dressage saddle review Part one -

We have been very lucky here at Divine to become ambassadors for Stübben UK, we have been big advocates of Stübben for years & could not be happier.

Stübben has all the things we love in companies, Quality, innovation & customer service. So to be now able to use one of their saddles is a great honour for Carrie (Director of Divine Equestrian).

I Carrie have owned horses all my life & whilst I do class myself as an amateur rider i have produced all my own horses for many years let’s just say over 30 years. Stübben was most definitely the Brand to have when i was growing up.

So When i was given this opportunity of working with Stübben i was extremely excited BUT I also had the old demon thought in my head, you know the one “ Stübben are great but there not forgiving on your backside”. This thought kept rolling through my mind & I was praying that this wouldn’t be the case.

So the day loomed when John & Sue from Stübben UK turned up, I was a little on edge more so as the horse we had chosen to use the saddle was my not long home backed Baby 4yo Hanoverian. So I had the added stress of Jasper behaving, let’s face it can be hard enough with horses but a just backed one trying a saddle he’s not used to the feel of could be a challenge!

John decided that they wanted me to try there new Dressage Saddle the Virginia, I was told that this was their basic dressage model so I wasn’t expecting much.

However out came this beautiful Saddle, soft leather with Patent bits, yes PATENT every blingy dressage rider’s most favourite thing!! I asked John again just to confirm that it was a Basic range saddle?? He replied with yes, I think I was starting to annoy him at this point lol.

I asked ok so how much will this cost??

How does £ 1837.50 sound??

It nearly floored us as we are so used to prices of £2,500 - £ 3,500 being banded about for saddles of much lesser quality these days!

Anyway once I had got over the fact this saddle was so affordable on it was popped, we all stood back & commented that it looked like it had been made for Jasper. Jasper was most approving.

It was at this point the technical elements of the Stübben saddles where pointed out to me. First thing which is the most important is the Tree, Stübben have invested loads into their unique Steel Spring tree. Not only is the design amazing but it is also an Adjustable Tree, now I hear you all shouting!!

When I say Adjustable the Tree points are adjustable by using a specially devised piece of equipment called aptly Change a Stübben device. The tree points can change in width from 28cm – 32cm. Major Tree changes can be done also by sending back to Stübben, so you really can try to have a saddle for life.

The next small but helpful thing is the Panels have screws to make the removal for flocking much easier, the panels are traditionally flocked with Wool.

For more info on the Stübben Steal spring tree click here

There are also many different options available on girthing, Gussets & Tree -

Long Billets

NT Saddle tree

Fourth Billets

Gusset Panel

Flap Straps

So next was my test ride, I decided to lunge Jasper for a few Mins first before getting on board. One I wanted him to get the feel of the saddle & two it was a cold rainy morning & he was fresh! If im honest I just didn’t want to face plant in front of John & Sue.

After 5 mins I parked him up at the mounting block & got on, instantly I knew I liked the Virginia as the moment I sat I felt it gently helping to put me into a lovely alignment. The knee rolls support but don’t block & the seat is deep yet open, I’m not a fan of being locking into a saddle and whilst this saddle does definitely help you it doesn’t give you the feeling of being blocked. The narrow twist really helps us ladies as well, my hips could drop a lot easier.

Instantly Jasper moved better & considering he had only been backed a few weeks at this point he moved a lot straighter as well. I felt I could get my leg on better & generally ride much nicer. I could of rode round for hours but he’s a baby so a walk, trot & canter on both reins with loads of neck scratches & polo’s had to suffice.

The major thing was the seat ITS NOT HARD, sorry to shout but I had to. The seat is in fact extremely comfortable so can we lay this to bed now??

Stübben have most definitely moved with the times & are producing majorly innovative & horse / rider friendly equipment a lot of time & research goes into their designs & it really does show when you try them.

So that’s it for now Part one of my blog complete, our next blog will be about how we prepared Jasper for the BEF Equine bridge selectors day & how the Stübben Virginia dressage saddle is getting on with us both now we have had more hours together.

If anyone wants any further info on this wonderful saddle please do get in touch, our saddle can also be viewed in Store at Divine’s Boutique shop as well as loads of other Stübben equipment.

Or contact Stubben Direct

Stubben UK have there own Facebook page, so do go give them a look & like -


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