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Sponsored rider Alex Baker Dressage Tell's us more....

Sponsored rider Alex Baker Dressage Tell's us more....

This is my first blog that I am writing in partnership with Divine Equestrian, who I am thrilled to be working with and be sponsored by.

Let me introduce the team first of all; My current European young rider horse Nibeley UJ Lady Lara, or Lara for short (I know it’s quite a mouthful!) She is 10 years old and has been with me since she was 6. Together we have trained up the levels from Medium to PSG/Inter 1.

This year is our second season at young rider level. We are aiming for the young rider Europeans again this year representing Team Ireland.

My other horse is Dutchman or Jack. Jack is a 9 year old Gelding by Jazz. I have had him since last summer and he is very talented, we are working together towards Grand Prix and hoping to compete at U25 Grand Prix next year.

Now that the important ones are introduced, now to introduce me :-)

I am Alex Baker, a 21 year old Irish Rider. Currently I am working for Anna Ross at Altogether Equestrian as a rider. I have been working for Anna for 2 years now, where I have learnt and improved so much about everything!

Training up the levels, training and backing youngsters, travelling abroad and social media to name a few.

Before working at Altogether Equestrian, I worked for Fiona Price-Jones at Sport Lusitano. I trained with Fiona whilst I was at school and then progressed to be a rider for her when I finished my A levels. Fiona taught me many things about horse management and training as well as breeding.

I fell in love with dressage when I was 12, trying to drag my (very long) first horse round a few prelims with highs of 60% and my passion just grew from there. Taking opportunities to ride anyone’s horse round a dressage test.

What I am most excited about right now; I am trying to train a horse to Grand Prix for the first time, learning how it is supposed to feel and the heightened need for the perfect balance and accurate aids is mind boggling at times but when it works is so thrilling. Jack and I are nearly ready to go out and try an Inter 2, we have 8 ones and baby piaffe/passage at the moment. Getting there!

Being on the Divine Equestrian team means so much to me, they have such an amazing collection of everything you need to be smart and fashionable with amazing quality. Before becoming a sponsored rider I was a customer of Divine Equestrian, the first thing I noticed about this shop was the huge range of all the best top named brands Pikeur, Eskadron,Cavallo and Cavallo boots and many more.

A personal favourite product is the Catago brushing boots that I bought last year. There is such a range of different colours that makes it easy to colour match either the Catago saddle pads or what I did which was to match it to my own numnah and riding boots (grey!).

It is easy to find bandages in every different colour of the rainbow but brushing boots are harder and I know that many people prefer the less hassle of brushing boots but of course it is still important be matching!

Lara and I have been sporting the new Euro-star SS17 Lychee colour this season! It looks amazing on her, coming out as a bright pink it goes well with her being black. I love my polo top and wear it on the yard and off! It is slightly longer so it is better for tucking in, and is a lightweight material that dust, hay and shavings don’t stick to. (Which is always good in my books!).

Thank you again Divine Equestrian for this opportunity and looking forward to writing my next blog for you all!

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