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Product Review -HKM Valencia Long Leather Riding Boots

Product Review -HKM Valencia Long Leather Riding Boots

Hi its Carrie (Divine MD) again with a new item we've been testing, Now to start with im a boot fanatic, love boots i have far to many & many that now dont fit or i've worn to death.

I'm also chief boot fitter here at Divine Equestrian & have been since our inception so im more than used to seeing boots, fitting boots & everything that goes with riding boots, im well versed in custom boots. So i feel im not a bad candidate to review these boots.

To start with & im not going to lie, the Price grabbed me RRP £199.95 adults & Kids £149.95

Then the colour ways grabbed me - Black, Brown, Blue/Black, Grey, Navy.

Then the size chart -  widths & heights galore.

Then the fact there Leather!

Plus there grab & go boots, no made to order or Made to measure, something we really are not used to here at Divine.

So now your getting the idea i was kind of struck by these boots, there where presented to me in Blue/ Black colour & you know what i loved it. Very different to the norm but not so different you feel like your boots are announcing you before anything else.

The foot is so comfortable, its definitely a pair of boots i could use for hours without getting foot fatigue. The leather is so soft & supple but its a decent leather not one that marks at every opportunity. 

They are only available in a field version, meaning that they do have laces over the front of the ankle. I am hoping that they may reconsider & make these boots in plain & field design. But for the price i can forgive the fact there is only a field option & say that they really do look amazing. With them having laces across the front it does open the boots up to every market also so i can see the reasoning.

Jumping wise these will be great as the laces give a bit more ankle movement for those who wernt aware of the reason for putting laces over the front of the ankle. 

Do come up fairly high with the Bow 2cm, so they also give that lovely illusion we all dream to have & some blessed people do have long legs.

There is an elasticated panel either side of the zip giving a whopping variation of up to 4cm of extra width. 

They are available in -

Standard height / standard wide - Adults & Kids

Standard Height / Extra wide - Adults

Long Height / Extra Slim - Adults  & Kids

Short Height / Standard Width Adults

Foots sizes Adults  - EU37 up to EU46

Foot sizes Kids - EU35 up to EU40 so potential there for an adults we spy!!

The boots also comes with spur rests as standard.

There really isn't much more to say about these boots apart from for the price there amazing & even those who like there made to measure £££'s boots would love these for everyday riding.

Blue / Black featured in pictures, along with our Gorgeous Margo Bogwhopit.

To buy direct from us at Divine Equestrian Click here

 Photo credits - skylimit photography.



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