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Find more out about our rider Katy Libreri's New year Plans....

Find more out about our rider Katy Libreri's New year Plans....

Hi All, I’m Katy 👋🏼

My New Years plans for the gang are as below; Finnegan is 8 months into his ‘resting year out’ due to sacroiliac injury. My plans for him are to keep him happy and start to fire up acupuncture and physio sessions ahead of rehab work, which will hopefully result with me back in his saddle 🤞🏼

Willow had quite a competitive year last year, I think she’d appreciate having a little less work to do this year and lots of pamper sessions 💅🏼 that said, I will be keeping her ticking over at home and would like to be aiming to compete Elementary by the end of the year.


Theia is rising 4yo and a bit of a giant, I’m extremely conscious of workload on a weak skeletal structure and so this year I plan to take Theia to as many in hand shows and Le Trec training days as I can find, to still ensure she sees the world and has nice experiences but no unnecessary strain on her back whilst she blossoms... next year will be her year 💖


One thing I have promised myself, is that I will get Timmy pony and my niece Maicee to as many competitions as possible this year. Whilst the bigger pones won’t be doing as much, it’s the perfect opportunity to really get cracking and keep chasing the confidence to grow bigger. I know how much they have to offer, they are a great team xx

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