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MakeBe Charlotte Dressage Breeches

MakeBe Charlotte Dressage Breeches

Makabe Charlotte Dressage breeches - Tried & Tested.

By Divine Ambassador Alexis Whisken

So on a sunny September day up in Eccleshall I became a model for a day. I had never heard of MakeBe until visiting the Divine Equestrian store and website and I have to admit upon first seeing these breeches online and on the hangar they did not jump out at me, I thought they looked a bit odd in all honesty.

However, for my modelling debut, Carrie asked me to put a pair of these on. Well what can I say, I was astounded and did not want to actually take them off.

The fit was beautiful and so flattering with the high waist, the material is like nothing I have felt before, I literally felt like I was wearing a second skin as they molded to me so perfectly.

Suffice to say I had to buy these breeches, it would have been a crime not to. I have now had them for about a month and I have lived in them.

The silicon seat sticks you to the saddle nicely without leaving you feeling like you cannot move at all. After being covered in dust and horse slobber, a quick wipe and they look good as new and I swear they now fit me better than they did at the beginning.

Do not be fooled by the pictures people, these breeches are amazing and I cannot recommend them enough, I would 100% definitely buy another pair in a heartbeat.


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