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Euro-star Easy Rider Frea Breeches

Euro-star Easy Rider Frea Breeches

Euro-Star Easy Rider Frea Breeches

When we saw the Easy Rider collection from Euro-star we just knew instantly we had to have it in our shop.

What instantly grabbed us both where the fabrics, so soft & the colours, the hard task was setting about which breeches to choose. We instantly felt that the Easy Rider Frea breech was the one, but little did I know that I would actually fall in love with these breeches.

It’s a long wait from ordering winter stock to actually receiving it so when I opened the box that contained the Frea Breeches I instantly remembered why we bought them.

These breeches have some major plus points not only are they Full seat Breeches, they also have gorgeous silicon swirls on top of the full seat. This means that you literally have the best of both worlds. They also have the ER logo & stud detailing on the back of the waist band & a gorgeous swirl pattern again embroidered on to the seat pocket. 

Two front pockets edged with leather like material really set these breeches off. I thought they might be restrictive but in fact there not at all, the waist is lovely a Mid / high waist so it really fits most ladies very well & there is no showing things you don’t want to when picking horses feet out!

Oh & did we mention they are WATER REPELLENT ?? Also with wick-able material that has a 4 way stretch??

Once I had my pair on which was ridiculously easy as they are true to size ( if anything possible a little generous) I couldn’t wait to get in the saddle to really test them. Once in the saddle I was very comfortable the silicon does give you more stick ability that most of the silicon breeches I’ve tried & wear daily. I’m one who doesn’t like feeling stuck in the saddle & I will say they didn’t make me feel that but I definitely felt more stabilised than normal especially when my PRE was practising Flying changes & I mean Flying literally :-0

Off the horse & around the yard i found these breeches really comfortable, nothing really sticks to them that a quick brush down with your hand wont fix, meaning there very practical as well as beautiful. They wash really well also, all in all these are one of my favourite breeches & i will definitely be found in a pair of these most days over the course of this winter.

Breeches available is Mid Grey (which is slightly darker in real life ) & Dark Brown.

Available & in stock now at Divine Equestrian

RRP £115

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