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CATAGO - Exercise Quarter sheet - Tried & Tested


Catago is a fairly new brand to the UK but we can tell you the quality is high, as always with Divine we do pride ourselves on being able to provide high quality products.

I was very quick when the Catago stock landed to snaffle myself a gorgeous Saddle pad in Anthracite grey. We don't get many high quality saddle pads in grey & this is seriously one of my favourites. Keep watching for our Tried & tested on this ;-)

Anyway back to the 1/4 sheet, when i was shown these i was in shock as we do struggle to get high quality 1/4 sheets. Many manufacturers go for wrap round sheets, which are OK but if like me you like to be away from the exercise sheet then these are for you.

Catago very kindly sent me a 1/4 sheet to trial & test of which i was over the moon about as my old Thematex sheet was knackered. So a new 1/4 sheet was very much needed, i wasn't even worried when they said it would be red.

When it came & i got to try it i was even more impressed, the sizing is great. My PRE is between a 6'6" & 6'9"  in rugs. The Catago exercise sheets come in Small, Medium & Large.

Ours was a large size & i would say this easily would fit either horse rug size 6'6" - 6'9", however if you had a very slight 6'6" horse then i'm sure a Medium would fit!

The Velcro straps that attach to your saddle are longer than some other makes we've tried & the Velcro also has a longer section so really do have a lot more adjust-ability.

I warmed up in mine on the 2nd morning of my lessons with Andreas Hausberger & it didn't move an inch. It was also super easy to remove when the horse was warmed up. To Andrea's surprise between Galante & Myself we where able to hide our vivid pinkness under my coat & G's 1/4 sheet. My god did Andrea's have a shock when we finally unveiled ourselves haha.

The outcome is a super Exercise 1/4 sheet, which comes in Black & grey as Standard but also has a super Red colour in the new collection at the moment ( please see above picture) .

They are an excellent price as well & easily stand up against other more well known brands on the UK market. They also would be very easy to embodier just like similar but more expensive 1/4 sheets on the market. In fact it our next thing to do embroider ours.

We stock these sheets & currently have Black & Grey in stock, priced at  £52.50


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