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Zoe Elizabeth Taylor Dorans reviews the Horka Challenge Gilet

As part of my sponsorship with Divine Equestrian I get a fabulous selection of clothes. Having put them to good use and given them plenty of wear this album is my tried and tested for my goodies!!
This Gilet is another great value for money piece, i was given the Mint gilet to try but they also come in Navy & Black.
The Mint colour is lovely and bright which makes quite a change for my wardrobe! I have mainly used this over the bamboo top and horka pully and under a blouson jacket in the cold.

It's very comfortable t
he zip can be a little quirky in as much as that there seems to be a knack to getting it just right but once you have the knack it zips up easily.
I have also worn this over a heavier fleece and also my competition jacket and have found the fit to be good!
If I was being nit picky I would possibly like a slightly tighter fit around the armpits for when worn with more fitted tops but then I wouldn't be able to use it on the chunkier items.
All in all its colourful gilet with a great price tag that wears and washes well.
I've been pleasantly surprised by this brand and I especially like the price bracket they come in.
Available from Divine Equestrian - Click here to go to the Shop
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