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euro-star Judith Full grip Breeches reviews

euro-star Judith Full grip Breeches reviews

We have been very lucky at Divine Equestrian to be able to add the wonderful German Equestrian Brand euro-star to our list of Brands we stock.

I was a little sceptical at first as I remembered years ago the sizing of the clothing being more for tall skinny folks. Which of course is fine, but everything I’m sadly not meaning that I personally did not have many euro-star clothes.

So as part of this euro-star kindly agreed to let me have a pair of Breeches to try, I was very excited but in the back of my head I was dreading that they wouldn’t fit.

The box arrived & in there where a fabulous pair of Judith Full grip seat breeches in Blue.


I have to say I was in love, my kind of colour my kind of style. I had them on our shop counter & just kept admiring them & feeling very lucky that euro-star had agreed for me to test them.

Time came & I finally tried them on, I have to say I don’t think I have ever been so scared but to my surprise, they not only fitted, they were on the generous side in my normal size! I think I nearly fainted with joy.

Our lovely euro-star Rep had told us the sizing was very good & as that was my only reservation I can’t tell you how happy I was as if you have never tried euro-star clothing you’ve never lived & you’re seriously missing out!

The quality is just amazing I lived in these breeches for 3 days, I actually tried them on & refused to be parted with them. I did take them off to go to bed but other than that I wore them, rode in them, and worked in them plus everything else…

Comfort is extremely high in these breeches there made with the rider in mind so everything is thought of right down to the ankles being of thinner material. Makes it so much easier to fit your boots on with. The seams are stitched to perfection meaning there is not a single area or point where there is a flaw or something to rub you.

I decided after the initial excitement that I would obviously wash the breeches & then put them at one side to use whist partaking in two days of training with my horse a 9yo PRE Galante Training Adv Level dressage & my trainer Andreas Hausberger.

Now anyone who knows Andreas will know he is one of the Chief riders of the Spanish riding school of Vienna.

So you can imagine we really do get put through our paces & I’m glad I had a chance to put the breeches to such a test  .


Here we are on day one not only modelling our euro-star Judith Breeches, but the euro- star SS15 Aqua Crystal Saddle pad & Bandages. (Note hind bandages & tail up are to enable us to do in hand work easier without the tail or bandages getting in the way).


The breeches had washed extremely well & not only felt amazing, they looked amazing. The grip seat didn’t stick me to the saddle as one normally thinks when you say the word Grip seat. They did give support but in no way hindered my riding. As a mid-rise waist they also sit in a nice place on the waist line & stayed there with no dropping or digging in.

 Day two was an early start & the breeches even though being put through the mill the day before & being stuffed in the truck overnight where just as lovely to wear.  I wore them for the full two days & really did get put through some tough work with Andreas but the breeches where fabulous I didn’t have to think of them once they did their job & kept me looking fab able to sit & ride my horse to his fullest potential.

I can honestly say hand on heart if there was a choice of marks from 1-10 I would give these breeches 11.

We now can’t wait for our stock of euro-Ssar breeches to arrive this autumn.

The Judith Breech is euro-stars entry level full grip breech & retails at £120, if you are interested in ordering a pair of these breeches please do contact us at Divine Equestrian & Carrie will only be too happy to order you some in.


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