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Tried & Tested  - HKM Silver Stream - 3/4 Alos Seat Breeches

Tried & Tested - HKM Silver Stream - 3/4 Alos Seat Breeches

I was very lucky to receive some very bright but gorgeous breeches to try from HKM at the beginning of March, the breeches are part of the new Cavallino Marino – Silver Stream Collection.

High waisted & full seat I was quite impressed from the first opening of the box, however I was even more impressed when I felt the material. Instantly you could tell they where high quality from first feel. I personally love the new materials breeches are being made in now.

Then there is the added bit of bling on the back of the breeches, being a true matchy Dressage queen I do love bling.

I spend time riding & sitting in front of computers in my breeches I live in them so comfort is absolutely paramount. I hate anthing that digs in, I have found that some high waist breeches can sometimes dig in especially when sitting down.

 However I have had no issues at all with the Silver Stream 3/4 Alos seat breeches & found them to be one of the most comfortable pairs of breeches I have ever worn.

I have found the material very stretchy yet supportive & the full Alos seat is not restrictive in anyway, the other nice thing about the material is hairs don’t stick to it, so you can literally brush them off with your hand easily. Another plus for me owning Huskies & Horses at this time of year.

Riding wise I found them brilliant, supportive yet comfortable the full seat just add’s that final bit.

I have worn these breeches well & I can honestly say they are one of my top 5 recommended breeches so far. The cut & comfort level is high, plus they really do look smart. They also wash well & seeing as when I try a product I do try it I can assure you all i've washed & washed these & all the bling is still present.

All in all these breeches get a 5 out of 5 rating from me.

The only downside for me is I only have them in the Pinky/red colour & whilst it is stunning it’s not quite me. I'm on the larger side & I do like not to stand out to much.

However the plus is these breeches also come in a gorgeous Blue & for competing they also come in White. 










Available to order Via Divine Equestrian or HKM 

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