Secret Weapon Stain Remover

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This foam is one of the best products I have used. I saw how effective it was when it was demonstrated to me on a grey horse who had bright green grass stains on her legs. I thought to myself you won't get rid of those without a full blown bath but I was proved wrong.

An application of the foam applied with a sponge was wiped over and quickly it removed all signs of grass stains and I was hooked. I immediately placed an order and thought now I can have a grey horse!!

The ingredients to our foam are top secret, however we will reveal that it contains organic apple and mint which also provide antibacterial benefits and even better you don't need to rinse.  As with all our grooming products the foam is 100% natural, PH balanced and suitable for all skin types.

'Secret Weapon' is essential to any owner of a grey or coloured horse but is also useful for all colours when at shows. Ideal for mishaps after travelling and removes all sorts of stains and will leave your horse smelling great too.

Sometimes it's ok to have a secret….

230ml bottle with foamer lid.

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