Eskadron NG 15 Double Pin Headcollar Berry / White / DarkBasalt

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Headcollar from Eskadron available in the current NEXT GENERATION colours.

Berry - White & Dark Basalt

The high quality Headcollar made of tear proof webbing with a decorative noseband to match the collection.

The sensitive nose and poll areas which are exposed to particular strain are softly padded with pressure-absorbing mesh.

Distinctive features of this model are two pin buckles on the left and right in order to optimise the central positioning of the poll piece.

Furthermore, the buckles enable more flexible adjustment in the chin area. All metal fittings are treated with a calendered finish which gives the headcollar an even more special look.

Sizes: pony (P2), cob (V), full (W), over size (WE).

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