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Cavalor Gastro 8

Cavalor Gastro 8 is a paste or powder developed specially for horses that suffer with gastrointestinal irritation. These irritations often come with a reduced appetite. Gastro 8 supports the maintenance of a normal acidity in the stomach and contributes to the protection of the horse's stomach wall.


Paste or powder?

 Horses that suffer with stomach problems often also struggle to eat. That is why, in the beginning phase of supporting the stomach, a supplement in paste form is easier to administer than a supplement in powder form. Both products can be used long-term for your horse.




Cavalor Gastro 8 Paste can be administered directly into the horse's mouth.


Days 1 through 5: 2 syringesDays 6 through 10: 1 syringe


Then follow up with Cavalor Gastro 8 (powder) if necessary. Cavalor Gastro 8 (powder) can be given for approximately 4 to 6 weeks: approx. 30 grams per day.


PackagingCavalor Gastro 8 Paste: 50 ccCavalor Gastro 8 (powder): bucket of 1800 gramsComposition


Cavalor Gastro 8 contains nucleotides, bioflavonoids, herbs and Vitamin U (methylmethionine sulfonium chloride).



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