CATAGO FIR-tech Healing Saddle Pad White/ White Logo - Pony / Cob 16" only

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A quality therapeutic range for increased wellness and recovery, prevention of injuries, relieving tense muscles, sore joints, as well as the treatment of old and new injuries. Also ideal for the treatment of horses with joint or tendon problems and for older horses.

The lining material with woven ceramic particles and Synthermax fiberfill gives the FIR-Healing series its advanced conditioned double-acting effect, which warms the muscles, tendons and joints and makes this product line suitable for use before and after the paddock, training and competition.

The specially developed ceramic material converts and reflects the horse’s body heat as electromagnetic infrared heat radiation penetrates the tissue and widens the blood vessels. The heat radiation means increased blood circulation and supply of oxygen to the tissue, thereby reducing tension, aches and inflammation, while the tendon and joint functions are improved in the areas where the FIR-Healing product is used.

FIR-Healing products can be used and washed repeatedly without losing the effect of the material. In the Catago FIR-Healing product line you will find a rug, stable wrap, leg pad & Saddle Pad.

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