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Carl Hester & Plastic Bottles??? read more to find out.....

Carl Hester & Plastic Bottles??? read more to find out.....

So what does the new Carl Hester clothing collection have in common with Plastic bottles??


The Carl Hester Collection is one of the nicest collections we have come across, not only for its design but the actual nature & quality of how the garments are made.

We are always looking for more ethical & environmentally friendly products, believe me when i say this is never easy to find. Especially in equestrian attire we require so much out of fabrics from sweaty hot, to freezing cold wet. We need our fabrics to do what they say they will.

However that was until this collection came to our attention!

Not only does it feel completely luxurious & has a cut that is exceedingly flattering. It has a fill that is made from recycled plastic bottles!

Yes Plastic bottles!!

The Ultra-lightweight synthetic down is made from recycled plastic bottles. The polyester hollow core filaments are microscopic and featherlike to naturally hold air pockets, giving it a luxuriously soft feel with excellent insulation and breathable properties. Unlike real down, when the insulation gets wet it does not affect its technical features. The filaments do not soak up the water and so dry exceptionally fast, which helps moisture to evaporate, keeping you warmer.

Plus no Birds where hurt in the making of this down, only plastic bottles.

This is one collection that is truly unisex & not one to be missed. All garments items come with there own dust bag & you really wont be disappointed this collection is more than just a name its the future. 

See the full collection here 

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