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Horses lack vital minerals for health and energy because both food and soil are 40-70% depleted.

The sea is now the richest source of minerals.  Sea Source contains a full analysed range of per 30 macro-minerals and has been sourced from a river/mountain estuary which provides an unpolluted distilled supply; rather than crystallised minerals, ensuring grater purity.

Though most good quality horse feeds will include common minerals, the feed will not supply sufficient levels of the rarer depleted minerals, including Sulphur and Strontium, which are considered to be vital for immune function, tissue/joint repair and bone health.

Sea Source is a very high quality, pure product, manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and guaranteed to deliver the full range of trace/macro minerals in levels which are high enough to benefit health, which is almost unheard of in regular horse rations.

Sea Source does not contain high levels of iron and is therefore safe to use on laminitic ponies.

20ml per day maintenance.  30ml per day recovery.
Can be added to drinking water or feed ration.

Dilute with water if syringed.

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