MakeBe Dressage Wave Stirrups - Green

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Makebe Wave stirrups have been designed after many years of experience working with high quality metal materials in and out of the equine industry, the combine innovated features and specific materials to create one of the best and lightest stirrups on the market.

The Wave dressage stirrups are made of aluminium with an inclined footrest and an innovative grip - this grip is what sets these stirrups apart from the rest - not only is it incredibly comfortable to ride in, but it is also very easy to clean! No more digging at compressed dirt that seems impossible to get out - it also has the added benefit of saving your saddle and hands from the inevitable scratches that often occur with other stirrup grips.

The incline of the footplate has been specifically set to 11 degrees - what MakeBe have determined as the ideal angle to aid with the correct heel position and to help relax the knees - often a sore spot for most riders, these stirrups will help to reduce the pressure on your knees and can greatly help to ease any pain you may suffer from in that area!

With the dressage version, there is added weight to the footplate - after feedback from many top dressage riders! This makes the stirrups more stable, and easier to regain should your foot slip out. Weighing in at only 350g, these are some of the lightest stirrups on the market - however this does not affect their quality or durability - the aluminium guarantees excellent corrosion resistance and strength.

The colours are applied with an anodic oxidation process, which ensures the stability of the colour and preserves the beautiful gloss finish.

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