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Horses lack vital minerals and with the results from our recent research food and soil are 40-70% depleted. Green Source contains a range of micro/macro minerals and bioavailable vitamins for horses prone to EMS/obesity/laminitis especially for horses on a calorie counting high fibre, restricted diet.

Modern farming methods and poor soil quality have caused the depletion of vital nutrients in the grease and soil, even the best quality feeds do not contain a balance of the necessary compounds to promote good health and prevent chronic laminitis.

This supplement contains over 30 micro and macro minerals including the most important for laminitis i.e. zinc, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, sulphur, thiamine, selenium, boron, strontium, copper. More importantly the supplement contains 10 of the major antioxidants from plants known to prevent the damage done by oxidative stress during a laminitis episode, plus a range of bio-available vitamins and natural probiotics.

This liquid supplement simply represents the best you can give your EMS/laminitic/obese Cushings prone horse and it has only come together as a result of the findings of two major scientific studies.

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