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Edge Technology ArcEquine is the smallest microcurrent device in the world. It is a wearable, completely drug free, non-invasive pain management and tissue repair system that mimics the body's electrical biocurrents in order to boost the production of ATP within the body's cells.

ATP is the energy component of the cells and is responsible for the flow of nutrients. Injury, disease or tissue damage disrupts the normal electrical currents within the cells and decreases the rate of ATP production. Microcurrent stimulation increases ATP production by up to 500% kick starting and accelerating the body's own recovery, allowing for the reduction of pain and inflammation, and for healing to start earlier. Increase ATP Increase Protein Synthesis Reduce Inflammation

For further information please email us or contact Arc Equine direct.


A full rental agreement will need to be signed & we need a credit / debit card on file. Once you order from our website a member of staff will contact you.

Returns are paid for by the hirer & must be sent back to us via an insured form. Failure to do this could result in full charge for the unit. 

Should you wish to buy an ArcEquine unit once you have hired please contact us as we are able to offer great savings. 

If the options for Hire are showing as Un-available this means we currently dont have any Hire units available.

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